Website Policies for Christ Apostolic Churches
These policies are written for all CAC Assemblies, Districts, DCCs, or Zones that desire an Internet presence. Any website developed by a CAC assembly must comply with these policies. They are standard required to ensure that the Church is not communicating mediocrity

1. Website fundamentals

Any CAC worldwide assembly has the right to have its own website. The website may be static (usually a single page) or dynamic (updateable multiple pages). A dynamic website must be updated regularly. Expired information must be removed.

All websites whether static or dynamic should contain the following fundamental information:

  1. Belief or CAC Tenets
  2. CAC Logo
  3. Worship and regular event times
  4. Directions and/or church location
  5. Pastors and staff members
  6. Basic Contact information
  7. Link to CAC worldwide website
  8. DCC/Zone/District Information or link

2. CAC Logo

The logo is an emblem of unity and loyalty to the organization. Every CAC Worldwide website must place the CAC approved logo on the top left hand corner of every main page of the website.

3. Font

The phrase "Christ Apostolic Church" at the top most part of the web page must be written in an IT approved font. Currently, these are:

Arial black:

4. Watchword

If a CAC website is displaying a watchword, the one currently released by the CAC worldwide secretariat must be primary. Any other watchword should be secondary.


Static Website


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