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R o y a l   M i s s i o n

Aim and Objective

The primary aim of this Youth Movement is Character development; to make all youths “Born again” disciples of Christ and good Citizen.

This aim shall be achieved by:

  1. Teaching members, the need for a sound knowledge of the word of God.
  2. Making members lead truly prayerful lives that is totally committed to private, regular, incessant daily prayers.
  3. Inculcating on every member the need to receive, possess and maintain the Holy Spirit of God, including the spiritual gift, fruit and Power as enjoyed by the early Christians.
  4. Encouraging members towards steadfast love, honesty, chastity, deeply spiritual and holy lives and worthy ambassadors of Jesus Christ at all times.
  5. Training members in the principle and methods of soul winning and evangelism and then making them go and convert all unbelievers by all peaceful and persuasive means as Christ’s witnesses always
  6. Encouraging members towards good citizenship, self-reliance, resourcefulness, obedience, loyalty, mental alertness, and thoughtful for others.
  7. Promoting their physical development, training them in services useful to the public handicraft and professional skill useful to themselves


The principles and practice of this Youth Movement are founded & Practice on the basis of the Holy Bible, plus the CAC Constitution and doctrine, and the content of the Hand book ( P.O.R).

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