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Y o u t h   M i s s i o n


The history of Christ Apostolic Church Youth Fellowship dates back to the nineteen-forties. The Youth Fellowship of the forties was an extra-Constitutional Organisation formed by the then youths and approved by the Church authority. These Organisations included the Prayer Band, the Prayer Warrior and the Prayer Battalion in 1949 that later metamorphosed into the ‘Light of the World Society’ (LOWS) in 1966. Later years saw the formation of other Organizations such as the Youth Camp in 1970, the Christ Apostolic Church Students’ Association (CACSA) in 1970, and the United Association of Christ Apostolic Church Choirs (UACACC) in April 1973.

The notable achievements of these Organisations notwithstanding, their operations led to unprecedented problems, which later assumed unmanageable proportions, these included programme conflicts, unhealthy rivalry, and improper relationship with the line of authority of the Church. Consequently, the Church authority in her reorganization exercise in 1992 dissolved all the aforementioned Organizations in the Mission and formed a new Evangelical body called THE CHRIST APOSTOLIC CHURCH YOUTH FELLOWSHIP, for the purposes of promoting unity, ensuring better productivity amongst the Youths, and to facilitate effective Coordination of Youth activities within the Church.

Aim and Objective

    The CAC Youth Fellowship is to:

  1. Lead every Youth in the Church to Christ so as to enable him/her have a personal experience of salvation;
  2. Foster Love, Unity and Fellowship amongst the Youths of the Church
  3. Infuse Christian discipline and growth in the Youths
  4. Enable the Youths of the Church cultivate humility, obedience, and other godly virtues;
  5. Involve the Youths in all aspects of evangelism and edifying programmes such as; Conferences, Retreats, Camps, Leadership Training, Symposia, Lectures, Bible Study, Musical Concerts and other scriptural activities;
  6. Serve as a forum for training and equipping the Youths of the Church for God’s work
  7. Uphold the tenets and doctrines of Christ Apostolic Church;

CAC Youth Officer And His Vision

PASTOR JOE JACOBS, a vibrant and an experienced minister has successfully served five reputable Christian youth organizations as President in the past. An Associate member of the Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Students (NIFES), and the Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS), he was a one-time Secretary-General of the Nigeria Christian Corpers’ Fellowship (NCCF). Apart from a good Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree, as a valedictorian, Pastor Jacobs owns a first class Bachelor of Theology (B.TH) Degree in Biblical Studies/Pastoral Ministries from the famous LIFE Theological Seminary in West Africa, Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria.

His three-fold ministry of apostolic and prophetic teachings, evangelism and missions, and word-based marriage therapy and spiritual warfare has blessed countless souls during conferences/conventions, retreats/seminars, crusades, vigils, deliverance sessions, etc. Also known as ‘Ambassador’, the CAC Youth Officer is happily married, favoured with a blissful home, and blessed with godly offspring.

His vision is to lead the youth of the church into a deeper knowledge of and better relationship with Christ Jesus; and through spiritual revivals, to make our youths God’s end-time champions with all-round excellence. His book, ANOINTING FOR TIMELY AND BLISSFUL MARRIAGE is educative and problem-Solving for both singles and married couples. Commenting on this, "Pastor Joe Jacobs has written the book of the hour..," says Dr. D.K. Olukoya, General Overseer, Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, Worldwide.

The CAC Youth Officer is based at the Missionary Headquarters, Ibadan, Nigeria, Tel. 0803-325-1762 (Mobile), E-mail:

Some Achievements So Far

  1. Since her establishment in 1992, ten (10) Youth Conferences have been successfully held. These featured lectures and seminars that are motivational, instructional, career discovery and developmental, professional, marital fulfillment, educational excellence, and spiritual in nature, with not less than forty-five (45,000) Youths attending each.
  2. Leadership Training Programmes have been consciously designed to challenge the Youth into edifying activities and occupation that will earn them exemplary integrity in the society, how to effectively initiate a result-oriented youth programmes, how to be very relevant in the global war against youth delinquency, and how to be fulfilled as leaders of today and tomorrow.
  3. In the area of musical concert, the CAC Youth Fellowship, at various levels, organises good singers and praise worship leaders to minister to the hopeless, the brokenhearted, the sick fellows, the depressed ones, people with one emotional or spiritual problem or the other, and the Body of Christ.
  4. By way of spreading the good news, the CAC youth Fellowship is into urban ` and rural evangelism
  5. The Campus arm of the Youth Fellowship is well organized to excel academically and in godly living – through their prayer programmes, Bible Study, Share and Care, Love Feast, Pass the Basket, Symposia/Seminar on such issues as “Power of sex”; “Effects of Drugs”; “The death in drunkenness”; “Smoking: Not a solution”, “Destiny Realisation”, The making of Champions” etc.
  6. THE GREAT RESULTS of the above and other activities of the Fellowship have been thrillingly astounding, such include
    1. conversion of several armed robbers, car snatchers, occultists, hired assassinators, the emotional and sexual imbalanced, frustrated and hopeless fellows, etc.
    2. healing of several sick ones whose illnesses defied medical solutions for years; and salvation of souls
    3. career fulfillment of many youths in schools and their professional callings, making them more responsible,
    4. marital peace and bliss on the astronomical increase, restoring joy to countless homes,
    5. unity of purpose amongst the youth to maintain a high degree of integrity in the society, etc