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Y o u t h   N e w s


The Annual Prayer Warrior Intercessory Conference of the C.A.C. Youth Fellowship has taken place in Kaduna, Ikeji-Arakeji in Osun State, and Kuba in Plateau State, Nigeria, with many revelations and miracles following. This is a new wave of spiritual encounter, a three-day fasting, prayer intercession, all-night spiritual patrol programme, and Youth Coordinators’ Meeting that God is using to edify His Church and set the satanic captives free. It has been wonderfully explosive in all the three centres where the programme was held. The first was at CAC Kaduna DCC Headquarters, Wushishi, which brought all prayer warriors from the North-West together on 18th to 20th March. The second at Ikeji-Arakeji on 25th to 27th March composed of all Zones/DCCs in the middle belt, Western and Southern Nigeria. The last was held in Kuba from 15th to 17th April, 2004.

This was originally scheduled to hold at the Kuba Zonal Headquarters but because of an unexpected, explosive population of over four thousand (4000) participants, the venue was shifted to a nearby open field of Christ Apostolic College, Kuba, Plateau State, after the Opening/Welcome service of the first day.

The Kuba prayer conference composed mainly of the typical Hausa tribe of Christ Apostolics in Nigeria.

In attendance were Daffo Zone, Tangur Zone, Kwattas Zone, Gombe Zone, Bauchi Zone, Kuba Zone (Host), Yola DCC, Jos DCC, and Bokkos DCC. So, all expected actually attended. Also, almost all the chairmen and ministers in the region came to the programme. Programme-facilitators included the host Chairman, Pastor Solomon Maichibi, CAC North-East Zonal Officer, Pastor Emmanuel Mapur, Pastor Ishaku Silas Ding (Kuba Zone), to mention a few. All the DCC/Zonal and District Youth Coordinators were present. Others who ministered at the Prayer Conference led by the CAC Youth Officer, Pastor Joe Jacobs, included Pastors Olu Olorunpomi (Lagos), E. Ogunde (Bauchi), Akande (Gombe), Mandong Peter (Bauchi), Bulus Dakol (Bokkos), Femi Ogunbodede (Bauchi), Kilyoba Yunnana (Barkin Ladi), Mangai (Tangur), etc.

During the vigil led by the C.A.C. Youth Officer, it was a great harvest of miracles. Below are a few of the miracles experienced by participants:

  1. A lady testified to how Jesus Christ appeared to her as prayer was going on, touched her and warned her never to go back into sin again, and that she received a fire baptism, speaking in a new tongue.
  2. A twenty-year old girl had her leg fully restored. This problem, which had been with her from birth and which had defied her parents’ solution, disappeared.
  3. A man had three stones removed from his back, after which his back pain that caused him not to be able to turn on the bed except with the aid of his wife for years, vanished.
  4. A working class lady possessed of an evil spirit of fierce aggression saw a mad man walk out of her and felt some peace on her head. She also received a bunch of new keys and experienced divine joy.
  5. A sister was healed of a prolonged stomach ulcer
  6. Another fellow was healed of a long-year stiff neck
  7. Two men dressed in Igbo regalia each holding a calabash walked out of a man who had been having a chronic headache that defied solution, and the man was instantly healed (of the headache).
  8. A sister had some objects removed from her eyes, and instantly she received her full sight back after many years. Praise the Lord!

These are just very few of the numerous wonders of God in the Conference. Reporting these miracles means ascribing all laud and dominion to the covenant – keeping God of our fathers.

We return all the glory and full honour to Jehovah-Rapha (our divine Healer) and the Lord God of hosts who has always been mighty in all our battles. We equally appreciate and salute our various supporters, especially the Authority of Christ Apostolic Church. We especially commend the unity of all the chairmen and ministers in the North-Western Region. May the Lord protect and prosper you the more, in Jesus’ Name, Amen!

Pastor Joe Jacobs
CAC, Youth Officer